Wednesday, 6 October 2010

September challenge

The September challenge package from Christy Nelson arrived quite early, and I was excited to get started. I finished the challenge for September quite quickly, strangely enough, but still I was stressing towards the end of the month, only because I was so slow at taking a picture.

For September we had blue netting, white elastic, green yarn, colorful fabric circles, and silver brads to use, I was inspired at once. I wanted to make a bib necklace for a long time, but never had inspiration, or the supplies to make one, this time I had no excuse.

Luckily for me I bought a bunch of buttons a short while ago, that had arrived a few days before the package from Christy arrived, so the green, black and yellow dots on the necklace are buttons. I tried my best to make different flowers because I wanted it to be filled with different and fun shapes, next time I'm making a bib necklace I'll link to different tutorials I have found.

I like the necklace, it's colourful and fun, but I wouldn't wear it outside, mostly because the quality of the necklace is poor.

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