Wednesday, 1 December 2010

November challenge

Native American owl pendant

I should write on this blog more often, if not for others then at least for myself, because I love to document things I do and make.

So here is the November challenge at, this month we had felt, rocks, magnets and paint.
After spending more than half the time trying to find out what to make I decided on a pendant or ornament thing inspired by Native Americans.

The big circle is embroidery, first time I tried it. Note to myself; never try it on felt, ever again. The image is an owl, which I think is pretty cool, and difficult to embroider.
The stones were different crotchet techniques, I suck at crotchet but luckily that doesn’t show much with metal. The black circle is a magnet, with metal wire wrapped around it and paint.
And then I added a feather at the bottom.

I really like how it turned out,  especially the stones. If I knew it would be so difficult the owl I would have made it different, but I like that one as well, for my first attempt. 
Here is the owl as it was when I first found it, more amazing than my crooked one :P

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  1. I Love your Owl project for the christy nelson challenge. I hope you win.