Thursday, 3 February 2011

Glitter Christmas Animals

This is an old project, it was made for a challenge at craftster in November. I have to try and upload stuff quicker to my blog, just in case my PC decides to die, it shouldn't because it's almost new but who knows.

The challenge was to make something out of paper, and there was three different templates to use, I chose the animals.

- First I had to blow up the small animals, print them out and cut them out in cardboard.
- Decoupage on all the paper, it was all gift wrapping paper.
- Then I used glitter glue and added the sparkling effect to the animals
- Some of the animals have a little lace and a button decorating them even further

And here are my beloved big animals:

Octopus: It's 26 cm (10.2") tall and 44 cm (17.3") wide
Giraffe: It's 48 cm (18.9") tall and 11 cm (4.3") wide
Koala: It's 19 cm (7.5") tall and 15 cm (5.9") wide
Elephant: It's 33 cm (13") wide and 28 cm (11") tall
Squirrel: It's 22 cm (8.7") wide and 18 cm (7.1") tall

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